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      • Free testing

        Provide samples, templates, color cards and products for colors, explain performance requirements or environmental protection indicators, and immediately match the most suitable pigments

      • Free color matching

        According to the original color and requirements, the pigments that best meet the needs of customers are prepared according to the incoming materials, samples, color cards, products, etc

      • Free sample

        Adjust the provided pigment and dye samples according to your standard samples or requirements, or send samples according to our standard pigment and dye samples

      Ranbar is one of the brands of Shanghai Jingyan Chemical, Focus on the research and development and application of organic pigments, inorganic pigments, fluorescent pigments, dyes, brightener and other products; ?The company takes unique professional production indicators, strict management, and stable technical applications as core, are committed to helping Greater China companies solve the problem of pigment and dye coloring, providing stable and high-quality products to meet customer needs.
      • Plastic masterbatch and finished products
      • Oily waterborne coatings
      • Various baking paints
      • high-end Printing ink and Inkjet
      • Building Materials
      • leather

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